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Frequently Asked Questions

What is California AgrAbility?

We are the California state project of the AgrAbility program. We assist farmers, farm workers, and their families living and employed with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses to find necessary resources so that they can continue to work and provide for their families in a safe manner.


What does California AgrAbility do?

California AgrAbility finds and connects its clients to other resources so that they can get the services they need to continue to support themselves and their families. California AgrAbility also provides educational materials and Arthritis Foundation Exercise Classes for those interested.


What does California AgrAbility not do?

California AgrAbility does not provide funding nor assistive technologies directly to its clients

I do not have a disability but I work in agriculture, can you do anything for me?

Yes, we encourage farmers and farm workers to learn about safety at home, on the road and at work. The best way to prevent an injury is to know that you can be injured, so be safe. Furthermore, we have various materials that will help you learn about exercise, diet, occupational safety and health illnesses.


I do not have a disability but I know of someone who does, can you help that person?

Yes, you can take our information and share it with that person, and you can also give us that person’s contact information and we will contact them. You can refer the person to us directly by clicking “Contact” and filling the corresponding form.


Does California AgrAbility have grants or loans to purchase land?

Unfortunately, California AgrAbility does not have grants or loans. However, we do not turn anyone away without at least giving them a resource to follow. We often refer inquiries to representatives from agencies that operate loan and grant programs for acquiring land to farm.